April 18, 2024

Bournemouth vs Tottenham: Who will show class in the upcoming match? Prediction from lotto247 app


Bournemouth vs Tottenham: who has the best chance on August 26?

On August 26, the soccer world will focus its attention on the Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth, where the local Cherries under the leadership of the ambitious Spaniard Iraola will meet the Spurs from Tottenham. The English Premier League attracts attention not only because of the opposition of the teams, but also because of the confrontation between the two coaches: Iraola and Postecoglou, who recently took over the role of head coach of Tottenham and Bournemouth in the APL.

Tottenham, under their new leadership, are looking for new ways to return to the top of the APL, while Bournemouth are becoming a more and more stable team in the elite of English soccer every year. But what are the chances of each side in this confrontation?

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Bournemouth in the new season: will Iraola bring the team back to confidence?

Last season was a real test for the Cherries. After finishing the championship with four consecutive defeats and conceding one of the first in terms of goals, the team almost lost their place in the Premier League. These difficult times demanded change, and a new coach – ex-Atletic and Spanish national team player Andoni Iraola – was brought in to answer the call.

With the start of the new season, Bournemouth faced two titans of the APL: West Ham and Liverpool. In the game with the Londoners, the Cherries showed that they should not be underestimated, finishing the match with a score of 1-1. This result was largely to the credit of Solanke, who brought the team a draw in the 82nd minute. Bournemouth’s 62% possession of the ball was particularly impressive, highlighting the team’s dominance on the pitch.

However, the game against Liverpool was a real test. Despite the fact that the Cherries spent half an hour on the power play after the suspension of rookie McAllister from the Reds, they were unable to take the initiative. The team seemed unsure and the match ended in a 1-3 defeat. Bournemouth standings: the team occupies the 15th place in the English championship with only 1 point and a goal difference of 2:4.

Under Iraola’s leadership, the team demonstrates new tactics and style of play, and although progress is evident, the upcoming match against tactically prepared Tottenham will be a real challenge, even considering the home walls of the Vitality Stadium. But one thing is for sure: the season promises to be an interesting one for Bournemouth fans.

Tottenham: Postecoglou and new tactical horizons

The arrival of little-known Australian specialist Ante Postecoglou at Tottenham was marked by radical changes in tactical terms. Previously, Spurs were known for their counterattacks and minimalistic ball possession, but now, after two opening matches of the new season, the team looks like an absolute dominator on the pitch, creating a huge number of chances.

The departure of Harry Kane to Bayern certainly brought its own adjustments to the team’s play. Now Son has become a center forward, and the acquisition of James Maddison from Leicester has added to the team’s flexibility in attack. Risharlison’s return from injury also gives the team more options on offense.

The first two rounds of the league showed how the Spurs plan to play this season. Starting with the match against Brentford, where Tottenham showed 69% possession and had 18 shots on goal, the team showed that they have plenty of options in attack. Although Son missed several times, defenders Romero and Emerson were the authors of the goals

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