May 17, 2024

Online betting on cyber sports: a guide for beginners

Betting on cybersports: a guide for beginners

The modern world of betting is on the rise, and betting on cybersports has become an integral part of it. 

Faced with a multitude of operators, beginners are often lost, not knowing where to start. We will help you to understand the first bets and terms. How not to make a mistake when choosing a sports betting site? What is a keff, express and line? Below we’ll detail the key aspects of selection and common terms at

In addition, you will learn about the main cyber sports disciplines and reliable gambling platforms.

Online betting: key terms

Before you place your first bets on a game, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the key terms:

  • BC. A bookmaker’s office not only accepts your bets, but can also offer a variety of gambling entertainment. From classic slot machines to card and table games, the choice is yours.
  • Bet. Money given to the operator as collateral for a bet. It is an investment in the future amount of winnings.
  • Outcome. The outcome is the final result of a sporting or cyber sporting event on which online bets have been placed. 
  • Caff. Coefficient is a multiplier that determines how many times the bet amount will increase in case of a win.
  • Line. Line is a list of all events on which the bookmaker offers online betting. 
  • Live. In addition to standard bets, many sites also offer live betting on cyber sports. This allows gamblers to bet directly during matches. 
  • Once you’ve mastered these basic terms, you’ll be ready to delve into the world of cyber sports betting.

Cybersports and sports betting: types of bets

BCs offer several betting options for both traditional sporting events and cyber sporting events:

  • Single bet (Single). A bet on a single outcome. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the bet amount placed by the stated odds.
  • Express. A combination of several bets combined in one chain. The win on the express is equal to the product of all odds by the bet amount. It is important to remember that if at least one bet in a chain loses, the whole express is not counted.
  • System. This is a set of expresses from a certain number of events. 
  • In this way, players can choose the bet that best suits their strategy. Whether it is a more cautious approach with single bets or more risky with expresses and systems.

Online betting restrictions

Any sports betting and cyber sports betting site is under strict scrutiny from regulatory bodies. There are certain restrictions that are important to know:

  • Age limit. Bookmakers are not allowed to accept bets from anyone under the age of majority. This is a standard requirement for all countries.
  • Prohibition on participants. People directly involved in a sporting or cyber sporting event are prohibited from betting on the event. The same applies to those who can somehow influence its outcome. 
  • Account. Users are allowed to register and use only one profile at each bookmaker’s office. Multi-accounts are prohibited.
  • Consequences. In case of suspicion, the BC has the right to freeze the user’s account until the circumstances are clarified. In case of confirmation of violations, the administration will block the account. The participant will be forbidden to register new profiles, and the funds in the accounts will be canceled. 
  • These restrictions are aimed at protecting users from fraud and unfair play. In addition, such measures help to ensure the transparency of the gaming process.


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