June 14, 2024

Simple Tips to Make Moving a Breeze

Moving is far more complicated than just packing your stuff and putting it in cardboard boxes. But there is so much that actually goes into it. In haste, you can totally forget about doing something similarly unimportant, which, nonetheless, may eventually cause you a lot of discomfort and stress. So, to spare yourself a lot of trouble and unnecessary hassle, follow some simple recommendations.

Find a Reliable Moving Company

Once you’ve created an inventory of everything you want to be moved, you should get in contact with dedicated specialists who can arrange everything properly. For this, you can go straight to https://www.liveleantoday.com/services/moving-services-spokane and start looking for your ideal movers. But you also would be well-advised to consider all the options available on the market. Talk to multiple companies to get multiple quotes. Compare their prices and quality of services provided. Thus, you’ll be able to find reputable and trustworthy movers that will charge you a fair price. And the price matter brings you to another point in today’s list.

Create a Moving Budget

Not only is moving a bothersome undertaking, but also quite costly. To get the most accurate idea of how much money you may need to carry on with your relocation, make sure to set up a moving budget. The lion’s share of it might be the money you’ll need to pay for the moving services. Still, you should also factor in collateral costs, that is, other moving-related expenses like gas price, road tolls, packing organizers, insurance, etc.  

Clean the Mess and Declutter  

Once you get hold of the best movers, you have got to purge. You might be surprised at how many car loads you’ll get rid of and donate after sifting through your worldly possessions. Cluttering your new home is the last thing that you will want. So, make sure your new place is as clean, neat, and welcoming as it can possibly be, don’t hang on to the old stuff. They will surely not add more colors to your new life. It also would be a wise idea to try to sell some things that you don’t need any more on your social media. You might get hundreds of dollars doing it.

Get Free Boxes

Another cool thing you should try to do is put your hands on some free or used moving boxes, which are the main attributes of all moves. If you go into Craigslist or social media sales apps, chances are you’ll come across the boxes that are offered for completely free or close to free. Some moving companies also provide used boxes that customers might pick up from their warehouses.

Pack Yourself

While skimping on professional moving services would be somewhat unreasonable, you can save some of your hard-earned dollars if you do all the packing by yourself. Try reusable bags and pack them up with closets full of stuff, fill your car, and drive over to your new place. Don’t spend money on expensive packing cubes and bags, you may easily put a rubber band around your stacks of hangers and place them directly to the trunk of your car. And leave those cumbersome and heavy items for professional movers.

Label Things

If you decide to go the box route, you should definitely label all the boxes according to their contents. If possible, it’s a great idea to list every single thing that you have in your boxes. You might think that you’re going to remember which item you’ve placed in this or that box. But when the moving nightmare is finally over, you may find yourself unable to recall what’s actually there. You may also find it useful to get some colored duct tape wherewith you can easily label the outsides of your boxes. This can help you pick the boxes that you might need right away once they arrive at your new house.

Inform Other People of Your Move

One of the most important tasks you need to complete prior to leaving for your new home is change your address. This will help postal services providers to forward your mail to your new place and properly arrange the paperwork. Your family members, creditors, GP, insurance provider, and other organizations you cooperate with also should be informed of your relocation.  

Once you’ve completed all these tasks, you’re good to embark on a cool moving journey towards a new fascinating life.

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