April 14, 2024

Top 5 Online Courses In 2022

Top 5 Online Courses In 2022

Post covid pandemic, online learning has drastically evolved and become famous. It has become the face of modern education. Online learning has its perks like flexibility, many choices, various programs on a single subject, and choice of universities. Price and flexibility are other reasons why online learning became famous. There is nothing like taking control of your academic life and learning at your own pace without feeling like someone is holding you. And there is another more accessible way to take up the online classes as they have pre-recorded classes, live classes, and live sessions. It is easily adaptable for every kind of student. Be it professional certifications, Postgraduate programs, or short-term programs. The online classes provide excellent avenues for developing your knowledge and skills. These programs will help you build your career and profile for better job positions. 


During the Pandemic, many courses and programs gain prominence from the professionals. We have prepared a detailed top 5 online courses for you below. 


Data Science

Data science is called a new oil, and studying the data science course can advance your career. Data science programs focused on big data analytics, data visualization, statistics, and predictive analytics. Many online platforms offer top universities in India if you have a bachelor’s degree, and some foreign universities offer the best data science courses. One can find their suitable online program as per their choice. You have a choice of doing a Master’s program, Post Graduation Diploma program, professional certification program in data science. 


Top certifications in Data science: 

Introduction to Python

  • Platform: Datacamp


SQL for Data Science

  • Platform: Coursera


Introduction to Data Science in Python

  • Platform: Coursera
  • Powered by:  University of Michigan Michigan


Professional Certificate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics

  • Platform: UpGrad
  • Powered by: University of Maryland


Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the exciting technologies of the 21st century. These are the new career boosters for IT professionals. For those who have a background in mathematics and statistics, Machine Learning is, and Artificial Intelligence is one right field. Various online platforms offer the best of the best Machine learning online courses. Machine Learning covers various programming languages, tools, and libraries such as Python, MySQL, AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Keras, REST-API, etc. This syllabus delivers real-life industry projects. 


Top online courses for Machine Learning

Machine Learning Fundamentals with Python

  • Platform: Datacamp. 


Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

  • Platform: Udemy.


Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning & Deep Learning

  • Platform: UpGrad
  • Powered by: IIIT-B


Advanced Certificate Programme in Machine Learning & NLP

  • Platform: UpGrad
  • Powered by: IIIT-B


Advanced Certificate Program in AI for Managers

  • Platform: UpGrad
  • Powered by: IIT Roorkee


Deep Learning Course (with Keras & TensorFlow) Certification Training

  • Platform: Simplilearn


Cyber Security

The demand for computer security experts increases rapidly. As crime instances and data breaches occur online, these experts’ demands are high. Most of the software development courses offer a specialization in cyber security, which leads to many career opportunities in this field. They strengthen networks, servers, devices and raise awareness in the organization and customers. The courses will be covering subjects like application security, data secrecy, cryptography, network security in ethical hacking, advanced cybersecurity concepts, and OOP fundamentals.


Some cybersecurity courses:

Post Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

  • Platform: xPRO edge
  • Powered by: MIT


Caltech CTME Cybersecurity Certificate Program

  • Platform: UpGrad
  • Powered by: Fullstack Academy and upGrad


Advanced Executive Program in Cybersecurity

  • Platform: Simplilearn
  • Powered by: NPCI


Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is another top IT field that is experiencing an emerging trend. This is gaining more popularity these days, and it will become one of the prominent courses in 2022. As the world goes after dynamics and scalable applications, cloud computing and cloud services are highly demanded. The specialization could compute for software developers taking up will be more beneficial. 


Top online programs in cloud computing specialization

PG Diploma in Software Development (cloud computing specialization)

  • Platform: UpGrad
  • Powered by: IIT -B


PG degree in Cloud Computing

  • Platform: UpGrad


Cloud Computing Concepts

  • Platform: Coursera


Post- Graduate Program in Cloud Computing

  • Platform: Great Learning
  • Powered by: AWS Academy.


Product Management

Product Management is one of the most promising fields in the software industry. It is one of the trendiest programs in 2022 as it has generated more interest in employers and aspirants. As per LinkedIn’s survey, Product management has around 30% growth yearly in job opportunities. Exploring options such as a good understanding of the domain, tools, and technologies will help them improve. The course is structured to introduce students to sales and distribution, marketing management, business economics, organizational behavior, accounting and finance, and decision science.


Top Product Management Courses: 

ISB’s Product Management program 

  • Platform: online-er.isb.edu
  • Powered by: ISB executive education


Digital Product Management MicroMasters Program

  • Platform: edX
  • Powered by: Boston University


Digital Product Management: Modern Fundamentals by University of Virginia

  • Platform: Coursera
  • Powered by: University of Virginia


Learn Product Management Nanodegree Programs

  • Platform: Udacity

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