May 22, 2024

What is Journal Entry in Tally? 

A journal voucher in tally is a critical voucher that involves making adjustment entries, fixed asset entries, and credit purchases or sales. To utilize Journal Vouchers, hit the shortcut key “F7” from the accounting vouchers. Know more about sales return entry in tally here


There are a plethora of journal voucher examples that we shall offer here. By the conclusion of this tutorial, you will have a thorough understanding of how to easily insert Journal coupons into Tally.

What is Journal in Accounting?

A journal is a book of original entries, also known as a primary entry book, in which transactions are documented from the books of accounts and source documents. The transactions are reported in chronological sequence, that is, as they occur. The transactions are recorded using a double-entry accounting system.

What is Journalising?

Journalizing is the process of documenting transactions in the original entry book. A journal entry is used to keep track of the transactions. The double-entry accounting method is used to keep track of everything. As a result, it keeps track of the two-fold impact of each transaction.


In the Journalizing process, the transaction is first examined to determine which account should be debited or credited by using the debit and credit rules. After then, entries are made in accounting books.

Purpose of Usage for Journal Vouchers in Tally 

Do you know why journal vouchers are created in tally? What makes them so vital? Journal vouchers are created for a variety of uses, as detailed below:

  • Non-cash transactions must be recorded in the books of accounts.

Non-cash transactions are ones that do not entail the payment of money in cash. Depreciation, loss or gain on fixed assets, discount charges, asset write-downs, and deferred income taxes are just a few examples.

  • To correct any business transaction that has been recorded incorrectly in the books of accounts.

It is possible that company transactions are incorrectly documented in the books of accounts. Accounts may have been debited or credited incorrectly. In Tally ERP 9, Journal Vouchers assist in the reversal of the original entry utilizing a journal entry.

  • Tally ERP 9 allows you to record transactions that aren’t captured by conventional accounting vouchers.

Accounting vouchers are used to keep track of transactions of a given form or type. The following are some examples:

  • The money received is recorded on the receipt voucher.
  • The money paid is recorded on the payment voucher.
  • Contra vouchers are used to keep track of cash and bank transactions.
  • The transactions involving the sale of goods or services are recorded on the sales voucher.
  • The transactions involving the purchase of goods or services are recorded on purchase vouchers.
  • Journal vouchers are used to keep track of transactions that aren’t captured by other accounting vouchers.


It was all about tally journal entries in this case. Students can use Journal Vouchers to practice completing journal entry questions and replies. Simply follow the fundamental accounting methods and you’ll be ready to pass the Tally ERP 9 Journal Vouchers.


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