July 8, 2024

How can I learn the basics of Project Management for FREE

Globally, the project management industry is one of the most dynamic. The landscape undergoes significant changes every month due to technological advancements and people experimenting with various project management approaches.

Project managers need to be up to date on the latest trends and best practices. A plethora of information is available to help you be more productive at work, from project management books to productivity applications to online project management courses.

Before, learning was limited to the boundaries of classrooms and professors. Thanks to advancements in online course platforms and virtual learning websites, taking lessons from anywhere is now a reality. Are you interested in learning an introduction to project management and seeking ways to know about it online? You are reading the right article.

Start with these terrific, free online courses if you want to learn the basics of best-practice project management. Project management jargon and the fundamentals of defining and implementing a project’s scope, structure, and stakeholders are all covered in this course.

As a result, how can you know which course is best for you? It’s a good thing, then, that there are a lot of free or almost free resources available to help. Searching for a topic on Google or YouTube returns thousands of results, and it’s fine to watch a few videos to get your feet wet. To help you get started, here are a few recommendations below on where to begin your journey into the world of learning.

Before starting, let’s understand the need for project management.

Significance of Project management

Delivering projects on time, on budget, and in alignment with the company’s goals are critical in today’s competitive global marketplace. Here, project managers come into play. A project manager’s job necessitates a combination of organizational prowess, analytical thinking, and strong interpersonal skills.

Project management is a needful skill set for a wide range of professions and personal circumstances. Suppose you need to handle projects at work or home but don’t have formal training in project management. In that case, an introduction to project management is an excellent place to start. This course is a good fit for those who plan on conducting a project shortly and are looking to learn and put into practice fundamental project management skills.

What will you learn from the Project management course?

During the course, you’ll discover practical strategies to study and comprehend your project’s goals from the start and consider all aspects that could affect its implementation. Step by step, you will learn the fundamentals of project management from start to finish. Since any project’s success depends on the people who work on it, the course also teaches you how to communicate, manage others, and lead effectively to complete your project.

  • PMP Certification Training Course by Simplilearn

Everybody enjoys the use of real-world examples that are easy to understand and use. You’ll learn project management from the finest when you work with their project management professionals. In contrast to most others, this course is designed to provide you with intense preparation for the PMP certification exam, and it is top-notch training on project management. Self-paced learning is available for $349 and includes high-quality, self-paced content (30 percent off).

  • Project Management Courses by edX

A wide range of project management courses is available on edX, such as Introduction to Project Management from the University of Adelaide or the International Project Management course from Rochester Institute of Technology. There is a commencement date and a duration for these courses that range from four to 12 weeks. Beginner courses typically require two to three hours per week, and in comparison, advanced project management training may demand as many as 12 hours per week.

  • Project Management Basics by GoSkills

GoSkills provides a free project management course for beginners that project management professionals recognize. The Project Management Basics course is completed in about eight hours. As part of this course, you’ll learn about the W questions, how to develop a schedule and allocate resources, risk projection, team building, and the importance of practical communication skills.

You will earn a certificate from the Project Management Institute after the course. Even though GoSkills is a paid membership site, you can take the Basics course for free during the seven-day free trial.

  • Project Management Specialization Courses by Coursera

Several project management specialized courses are available on Coursera, including “Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practices,” “Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management,” and more.

Coursera partners with renowned institutions, including the University of California (Irvine), Rice University, and the Indian School of Business, to provide world-class training. Only those who have finished the entire course are eligible for certification. There’s good news for individuals who want to take the first three sessions for free.

  • Real-World Project Management For Beginners by Udemy

Udemy has solutions for those who prefer to learn at their own pace. Starting with some definitions, such as the distinction between operations and projects, and then going on to the benefits of project management, this short course for beginners teaches you how to manage projects. Finally, it moves on to the five phases of project management.

  • Project Management Diploma on Alison

It is easy to earn a diploma in project management from Alison. This course includes a project management case study, an overview of the field’s history, and interviews with current and former project managers. It will explain project management techniques like PERT charts and the Critical Path Method.

It’s up to you to complete the courses at your own pace and on your timetable. The courses themselves are free. However, in some circumstances, you need to pay for the final certificate.

Concluding words

Your business and career can benefit significantly if you learn how to manage projects effectively. Several free project management courses are available online. Choosing the right course might be a challenge because there are so many options to choose from. If you’re still unsure, review the above choices one more time and select the one that best meets your needs.


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