April 17, 2024

5 Holiday Gifts for Your Parents That They Will Surely Love

It is the holiday season, the season for giving and making your loved ones happy. Parents do most of the giving during this festive season, but it’s your turn to do the giving this time. Get your parents something they have been curious about all year. Lately, there has been a crypto craze, and the curiosity has been intense from parents who would love to get in on the action. People want money for better or worse, and a financial gift would be a good way to spread the holiday cheer. You could give a cash gift, but a crypto coin would make the gift more personalized and unique. This guide will show you the gifts you need to give them to quench this curiosity and, at the same time, help them make smart investments.

Buy books

The crypto world is evolving, so learning never stops. Books will show your parents how to buy bitcoin, and it is an enlightening approach towards cryptocurrencies. Buy books about blockchain and cryptocurrency, and it will expand their knowledge. The good thing about books is that they can turn newbies into crypto geniuses in no time. 

Online course subscription

Subscribe for an online course for your parent for them to learn about crypto. Your parents probably don’t enjoy reading books and turning pages, which would be perfect for them. Educational websites have the best step-by-step tutorials on how to buy cryptocurrencies. The step-by-step process will ensure newbies learn the craft as they practice the tutorials. It will show newbies that it is risky, and they will trade once they begin trading for themselves.

Buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies

Buying gift cards with cryptocurrencies would be a treat for your parents. Crypto coins are a versatile gift option, and you can give them to anyone, making them the ideal gift for the holidays. Companies such as Coinbase, Binance, CashApp and RobinHood allow their users to buy gift cards. For instance, you can buy Ebay gift card for your parents if they love online shopping. Those are companies that offer clients gift cards loaded with crypto. The gifts are sent via email if the recipient doesn’t have a crypto wallet. The gift will prompt parents to open crypto wallets and buy cryptocurrencies.

Digital wallets

You can also gift your parents’ digital wallets as standalone or with cryptocurrency. The wallets would help them track their new assets and hold or sell them whenever they deem fit. The wallet will help your parents make purchases at the mall, somewhere they all love to visit during the holidays. A digital wallet would be an ideal gift because it allows you to de-clutter your wallet by removing excess debit and credit cards from your curse. The digital wallet also allows you to transact with bitcoin at stores that allow such transactions. With a digital wallet, you may stack up bonuses you can earn from credit cards.

Non fungible tokens

Non-fungible tokens, popularly known as NFTs, can be given as gifts during the holiday season. Non-fungible tokens are digital are pieces of collectible digital assets that you hold and hold alone. The idea of your parent holding an asset all to themselves gives it an appealing lure for a wonderful holiday gift. The tokens represent something, and for people who like collecting assets such as art and other souvenirs, this would be the ideal gift for your parent. The NFTs are used online to trade back and forth because they represent different amounts of money.

Final thoughts

If you gift someone financial assets, the value could go up, which would be giving someone an investment. Investing in someone means that you care about them; doing this would be an appreciation gesture during the holiday season. Giving crypto coins or any financial assets related to bitcoin would require prior knowledge on the matter. Most parents don’t know what bitcoin is because they didn’t grow up with lots of technology at their disposal. The best way to approach this would be to teach them how to trade as part of the packaging gift. Those who have an idea could skip the tutorial and get right into the action. It is time to change our ways of gifting, and finances are a form of giving back to your parents and investing in them. 

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